Sabbatical Week II

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Sabbatical Week II will be held from 29 October to 2 November 2018 for all Sec 1 IP and Sec 2 IP students. 

The online option exercise will begin starting 6 pm, Monday, 8 October and each student is to select and rank her module options online. The synopsis and estimated cost of each module is provided in Annex A, attached for your information and to assist you in making informed choices. To increase your chances of being selected for your preferred modules, your are advised to choose modules spread over more days and include a spread of both 4 and 8 hour modules. You are to make your selections by 11 pm, Friday, 12 October, and you will be informed of your assigned modules, through the same website, by Wednesday, 17 October.

You will be allowed to rank your modules based on your interests. Each student will have the opportunity to attend a total of 12 hours of enrichment, and will be allocated one 8-hour module and one 4-hour module.

Please refer to the Parent's letter given out on 8 October for details to this programme.