Login Instructions

  • NRIC No is no longer a valid username in this portal. If you have updated your email, you may use your email as the username. Otherwise, you will need to login with the original username (admission number) provided by the school at the beginning of the year.
  • Once you are able to login, update your email address and password. You will then be able to login with your email address as the username.
  • And if you forget your password, you can then have a special login link emailed to you via "Forgot Password" link.
  • Please contact us via the "Support" link if you are still not able to login . Remember to include your full name and class.

Sabbatical Week

The modules allocated to students are finalised.
The venues for the modules are also confirm. Please login to check.

For more infomation, you may login to "ASKnLearn" portal or refer to the FAQ attached below.

Project Work 2016 Submission of Proposals

NRIC No is no longer a valid Username for all accounts.

All Students

  • All students are kindly reminded to update their email address via "My account".

Project Work Group Leaders

  • Appoint one member among yourselves to be the Group Leader.  The Group Leader will upload the proposal on behalf of the whole team.
  • Goto "Project Work" and create a new project work. Make sure you fill up all the fields.
  • Goto "Group" and add your group members.
  • Do remember to update the Group Members immediately after you have submitted your proposal. Otherwise, you and your group members will not be able to view the submitted proposals.
  • Click on Save to submit.
  • Please contact us via the "Support" link if you have problem with the proposal submission or if you encounter any problem in the portal.

How to submit a Project Work reports?

  1. Login and proceed to your "My Project Work".
  2. Click on Edit and proceed to the Files section to add the reports and upload.
  3. Remember to Save.
  4. Reports are only viewable by the Group Leader and Mentor.

Account Reset for 2016

As part of the security measures, all accounts have been reset for 2016. More information will be posted here in the coming days.


  1. Request new Password at https://scgs.schoolhub.sg/user/password
  2. Enter your MOE's email address.
  3. Check the "I'm not a robot"
  4. Click on the "E-mail new password" button.
  5. System will send you a link to login without password.
  6. Change your password.
  7. Use the "Support" link if you face any difficulty. We will reponse by the end of the day.
  8. NRIC will no longer be used as the username. Use the new assigned username or your email address as the username.


  • Wait for the school to disseminate the login information to you.
  • Alternatively, if you have already updated your email in the portal, you may retrieve your login via the "Request Password" link.

What is going on?

  • Parents account has been removed as eProgress is no longer updated on this platform.
  • Project Work module will be launched sometime next week. We will post an announcement here when it is ready. 
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