Login Instructions 2018

  • New students in 2018 will be provided with username and password in 2018.
  • Existing students have been provided username and password in 2017 or before.
  • Once you are able to log in, update your email address and password. You will then be able to login with your email address as the username.
  • And if you forget your password, you can then have a special login link emailed to you via "Forgot Password" link. This work only if you have updated your email address in this portal.
  • Please contact us via the "Support" link with a valid email address if you are still not able to log in.  Remember to include your full name and class.

Sec 3 Subject Combination Exercise

Appeals will close on 28 Nov (Wednesday) 6pm.

The Allocation Results for Secondary 2 Streaming will be published on 21 Nov 2018, at 6pm.

This is the Subject Combination Exercise for Secondary 2 Students going on to Secondary Three in 2019.
All Sec 2 students are to login and make their options.
Students are advised to choose their subject combinations based on their interest, ability and aptitude.

Registration Period 19 Oct 2018 6pm to 31 Oct 2018 6pm
Publish of Results 21 Nov 2018 6pm
Appeals 21 Nov 2018 6pm to 28 Nov 2018 6pm
Release of Appeal Results 07 Dec 2018 6pm


'O' Level Track IP Track
A01 to A05
B01 to B04
C01 to C08
D01 to D03
E01 to E01

IA01 to IA02
IB01 to IB02
IC01 to IC04

You may refer to the User Guide under the Attachment for reference.

Note on 3rd Optional Subject (IP Students Only)
The SCGS Academies are a core component of Passion Pursuit in Years 3 and 4.
All Sec 2 IP students are to indicate and rank their choice of Academy, out of the 4 options below.
- Math & Science Academy
- Liberal Arts Academy
- Business Academy
- Leadership Academy
You will indicate your choice of Academy under “3rd Optional Subject”.
You must rank all 4 Academies in order of preference
(3rd Optional Subject MUST be different for Choice 1 to Choice 4)

If you do not do so, the school reserves the right to make the decision of the Academy you will be placed in.   


Sabbatical Week II

Sabbatical Modules have been allocated. Please login to check.

Sabbatical Week II will be held from 29 October to 2 November 2018 for all Sec 1 IP and Sec 2 IP students. 

The online option exercise will begin starting 6 pm, Monday, 8 October and each student is to select and rank her module options online. The synopsis and estimated cost of each module is provided in Annex A, attached for your information and to assist you in making informed choices. To increase your chances of being selected for your preferred modules, your are advised to choose modules spread over more days and include a spread of both 4 and 8 hour modules. You are to make your selections by 11 pm, Friday, 12 October, and you will be informed of your assigned modules, through the same website, by Wednesday, 17 October.

You will be allowed to rank your modules based on your interests. Each student will have the opportunity to attend a total of 12 hours of enrichment, and will be allocated one 8-hour module and one 4-hour module.

Please refer to the Parent's letter given out on 8 October for details to this programme. 

Project Work 2018 Submission of Proposals

All Students

  • All students are kindly reminded to update their email address via "My account".

Project Work Group Leaders

  • Appoint one member among yourselves to be the Group Leader.  The Group Leader will upload the proposal on behalf of the whole team.
  • Goto "Project Work" and create a new project work. Make sure you fill up all the fields.
  • Goto "Group" and add your group members.
  • Do remember to update the Group Members immediately after you have submitted your proposal. Otherwise, you and your group members will not be able to view the submitted proposals.
  • Click on Save to submit.
  • Please contact us via the "Support" link if you have problem with the proposal submission or if you encounter any problem in the portal.

How to submit a Project Work reports?

  1. Login and proceed to your "My Project Work".
  2. Click on Edit and proceed to the Files section to add the reports and upload.
  3. Remember to Save.
  4. Reports are only viewable by the Group Leader and Mentor.
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