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Latest Allocation is as of 10 May 2019, 09:00pm.

Art & Code is compulsory for all Sec 1 OLP Students
The Bicentennial Experience is compulsory for all Sec 1 and 2 Students

The closing date for ​registration for Sabbatical Programmes will be extended to Saturday 2359 hours. 
  • Please take note that the default username  is the first 5 letters of their name in the register + last 4 digits of bc no. + letter ... eg larua12345A and your default is Scgs7014.
  • However, if you have updated your email in this portal, you may use your email as the username, and you will probably have changed your password.
  • When requesting for password reset, please provide us with your name and class.

  • Try using the Forget Password link if you have updated your email address in this portal.
  • Once you are able to login, please update your email so that you can automatically retreive your login instruction should you forget your username or password again.
  • You can also use your email as your username after you have updated your email address.

Sabbatical Programmes 2019 - Week 1

Dear students,

1. A letter informing your parent/guardian of Sabbatical Week has been sent out today. As stated in the letter, you are to submit your options online between 6 pm, 12 March (Fri) and 11pm, 18 April (Thu). If you face problems logging in, please click the GREEN "Support" button at the bottom right corner of the page for assistance from the portal administrator. Please seek assistance as early as possible as the above deadline will not be extended and you may be allocated modules not within your choice.
2. Each student must select for 10 options (ranked).  The system of allocation is NOT first-come-first served.  You do not have to rush to be the first into the system.  You should read each synopsis carefully to ensure that you know what you are opting for, and ensure that all 10 options do not clash with any existing commitments you have e.g. CCA, tuition classes, etc.  In addition, please ensure that your options are spread over the 5 days of sabbatical week as much as possible as this may give you a higher chance of being allocate modules within your choice. We will do our best to be fair in allocation of modules taking into account availability of places and the individual ranked options.  Do not waste your options. Secondary 1 students are to ensure that your options do not clash with the Bicentennial Experience and Art and Code sessions you are allocated (please refer to letter to parent/guardian for details).
Students who fail to submit their options by 11pm, 18 April (Thu) may be assigned random modules that still have vacancies.
3. Results of allocation will be made known on the Schoolhub portal by 27 April (Sat).

4. The following groups of students are totally exempted from this option exercise:
a. students who are on the Literature Trip to United Kingdom
b. Sec 4 IP Leadership Academy students going to Siem Reap, Cambodia
c. Sec 4 IP students preparing for MT "O" Level Exams in June 2019
5. Students with pre-allocated modules to ensure that their 10 options do not clash with their pre-allocated modules.  Please check with your teachers-in-charge on your pre-allocated modules' specific dates:
a. Open Little Eyes Conference: Ms Diane Hu
b. Young Docents Programme : Mrs Lena Low
c. Basic Photography (Infocomm Student Trainers) : Ms King Shiau Wei
d. Basic Robotics (Infocomm Student Trainers) : Ms King Shiau Wei
e. The Music Playground : Mrs Hazel Lim
f. Gecko for Students : Mrs Caruna Yogee
6. Additional info like venues and specific instructions will be given closer to the dates.
We look forward to an enriching time of learning for everyone.  Thank you.
Sabbatical Week Team 2019

Login for 2019

  • All student accounts have been reset for 2019. Students should already received their username and password to login. Username is no longer your NRIC No.
  • Once you are able to log in, update your email address and password. You will then be able to use your email address as the username for future logins.
  • And if you forget your password, you can then have a special login link emailed to you via "Forgot Password" link. This work only if you have updated your email address in this portal.
  • Please contact us via the "Support" link with a valid email address if you are still not able to log in.  Remember to include your full name and class.

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