Sabbatical 2018 Week 1

Dear students,

1. As announced, please submit your options from 6 pm 27 March.  If any of you have problems logging in, please click the GREEN "Support" button at the bottom right corner of the page for assistance from the portal administrator.

Annex 1 shows ALL the modules for the whole school.  Note that not every module is available to every student.  Only those available to your level will be visible to you in the system. 

Deadline for options will be 11 pm on Tue 3 April.

2. Each student must select for 10 options (ranked).  The system of allocation is NOT first-come-first served.  You do not have to rush to be the first into the system.  You should read each synopsis carefully to ensure that you know what you are opting for, and ensure that all 10 options do not clash with any existing commitments you have e.g. CCA, tuition classes, etc.  We will do our best to be fair in allocation of modules taking into account availability of places and the individual ranked options.  Do not waste your options. 

Students who fail to opt by 3 April 11 pm will be assigned random modules that still have vacancies.
3. Results of allocation will be made known on the Schoolhub portal by Tue 17 April.

4. The following groups of students are totally exempted from this option exercise:
Berkeley Trip 
Sec 4 IP Academy students going to Siem Reap, Cambodia
Sec 4 IP students preparing for MT "O" Level Exams

5. S1 students are to ensure that your options do not clash with the Code for Fun sessions you are allocated.

6. Students with pre-allocated modules to ensure that their 10 options do not clash with their pre-allocated modules.  Please check with your teachers-in-charge on your pre-allocated modules' specific dates:

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Training (Junior/Senior): Mrs Tan Mui Tiang
Scientists-in-School (under Dr Stephanie Bissiere) -Feritlity and Mammalian Reproduction: Miss Fu Wei
Youth Science Educators (trainers) - Science to Excite: Mrs Yeo Siew Li
Open Little Eyes Conference: Ms Diane Hu
Young Docents Programme - Museum tours: Mrs Lena Low

7. Additional info like venues and specific instructions will be given closer to the dates.

We look forward to an enriching time of learning for everyone.  Thank you.

Sabbatical Week Team 2018