Sabbatical Week II

The allocation of Sabbatical Week II modules has been published. Please note the titles, dates and times of your allocated modules.

If there is a clash of your allocated modules' dates/times, please submit your appeal by 11pm, 24 Oct (Tue).
Only students with valid reasons such as clashes with other allocated sabbatical modules or school activities will be entertained.

Students who wish to apply for a subsidy for this programme may download the Application for Subsidy Form and place it in the locked portion of Mrs Rosemary Song's pigeonhole (Level 2 Staffroom) by 3pm, 25 Oct (Wed) with the relevant supporting documents.

During Sabbatical Week II, you are required to come to school on the days when you are scheduled to attend your modules. Please report to the assigned venues, which will be made known later this week, 10 minutes before the start of your module. Special attire for some modules will be advised via AsknLearn. Otherwise, the default attire will be the blue school uniform.

Sabbatical Week II will be held from 30 October to 3 November 2017.

Secondary 1 IP students
Students will be allocated one 4-hour module and one 8-hour module from her choices.

Secondary 2 IP students
Students will be pre-allocated World Readiness Syposium (4-hour module) and allocated one 8-hour module from her choices.
Except for students on overseas trips:
- Students on Hong Kong or Shanghai/Nanjing will be exempted
- Students on Cambridge or Shandong Trip will be pre-allocated World Readiness Syposium (4-hour module)

Please select and rank your module options online between 6pm, 9 October (Mon) and 11pm, 12 October (Thu). Admission into any module is subject to the following: availability of places, teachers' recommendation, minimum criteria set (if any) and your ranking of options. Students who do not exercise their options within the stipulated duration may be allocated any modules with vacancies.

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